Love in Times of Coronavirus I

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Love in Times of Coronavirus I


von Julia Summerland

When online turns offline

“What shall I wear tomorrow? I’m meeting with this guy, you remember, the really good looking one.”
“Which one? There were so many. Anyhow, well, your blue dress would be perfect, and what about your hair?” “My hair, ah, yes, I’ll have it natural, just freshly washed, what do you think?”
“Yes, and don’t forget your mask! By the way, where are you meeting him?” “Because of coronavirus, he said he wanted to go for a walk.”
“For a walk? Seriously? Let’s see if he buys you a drink, at least.”
“With a mask on he could hide behind it. I won’t see his mouth or nose, won’t be able to see many emotions. If he is wearing glasses – sunglasses, I mean – what will I see of the guy, honestly?”
“Come on, better than nothing, at least you are meeting up with someone. Your mask will help you hide too; promise you will not take it off.”
“The lipstick will glue to it, I tell you ...” Sporty and active, Julia is looking for a partner and, more importantly, ...
 Set before, during and after the coronavirus lockdown, she quickly discovers that some things have changed in the search for love.

“Hopeful, moving, marvellous and wonderfully romantic.” (Jordan)

“Amazingly funny, lovingly humorous, an enjoyable read!” (Carl)

“From the first page, I was captivated and enjoyed reading this romantic novel until the end, if there is any.” (Alan) 


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112 Seiten
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ISBN 978-3-8280-3566-9

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